How social media can impact your SEO?


We all know those links provided by social platforms are considered as no-follow by Google. Means they do not give any SEO benefit to you. But there is a correlation between social media and search engine results.

How Social Media Can Impact Your SEO


Lots of SEO experts in Delhi when surveyed said that they consider social media optimization in their seo strategies. SEO service providers have also admitted that social media helps in SEO.


Social media sharing may boost traffic to your website

While posting caption with your beautiful info graphics on the social media, you can add your website link too. If your link is posted with quality content, it acquires enough shares, comments and likes and encourages audience to reach to your official website. That ultimately leads to traffic on your website. It provides high authority to your site in eyes of search engines. The SEO and SMO experts are using this techniques and says social media impact your SEO very effectively.


Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Result Page

Social media profile may not affect your websites ranking and they can influence your target audience for sure but Social Media Impact Your SEO. When are searching for any of the brand and its social media profiles comes up in the search results it creates better visibility of the brand in front of the potential audience. It gives a feel of responsibility of the brand toward the customers. The person would be equally interested to click on those social media profiles the way he or she would be interested to click on your website in the search results.

You should always maintain your online presence on these social media profiles with engaging content and information to showcase better visibility. Some people may also consider the G+ to be as unimportant social media profile, but the marketers understands its importance because Google always displays your G+ profile on your brand name search on the right hand side top corner. So, you should also be active on your G+ profile and maintain it.


Social Media Impacting Your SEO


Social Media Platforms are Search Engines as well

People are not dependent only on Google for their searches, they go to social media platforms to search or look for their stuff. One of its examples can be searching for hashtags in twitter search bar or searching for “restaurants” in Facebook search bar. Similarly brands can improve their rankings with beautiful creative in Instagram or Pinterest.

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users during 2016 and twitter has 317 million monthly active users as per statistic. So, one can’t ignore these figures while talking about branding and its visibility. If you are generating valuable content for these users, you will definitely receive more awareness by their sharing activities it means social media impact your SEO.


Local SEO Trusts Social Media

Google has recently reported that 80% smartphone users perform mobile searches to find “business near me” on Google map. It means, geography has a bigger role in your brand visibility and search engines also accepting this fact and paying attention to it.

Local seo and social media optimization can fruitful for any business to grownup the market visibility of the product and service to the people directly, some times when the social media post visible on your business page or profile people can easily find the required product and service and they contact to the business owners.

Some experts use local people groups and join them to promote the social media pages them to directly and target the exact location for the business promotion.

SEO service in Delhi and India are the best option for the business promotion and the SMO service also including in SEO service to promotion of the brand and product.


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