5 Interesting ideas for Instagram Stories to Promote Your Brand


Instagram users are more active through their interactive and interesting stories. After Facebook, the social media application which is immensely popular nowadays is Instagram as it has user above 800 million.

After the launch of the Instagram story feature, it received extensive prominence because of its easy-to-use and cool features, which is absolutely attention-grabbing for the users.

To engage with your community/followers and promote your brand through Instagram stories, you definitely need to catch a glimpse of the below mentioned interesting ideas.

1. Colour Theme According to Brand Logo

The integration of vibrant and bold color into your Instagram stories is absolutely eye-catching for the followers. However, it should be also be kept in mind that the colour theme can be chosen according to the brand logo colour. The usage of innovative, unique and colour-based infographics is essential, but to make a significant impact of your brand on your followers the colour theme should be followed appropriately.

2. Promote Vouchers and Coupons

To promote your brand through Instagram stories, sharing the vouchers and coupons will certainly overwhelm your followers. In the present scenario, the majority of brands promote their vouchers and coupon codes on Instagram stories, which can easily be swiped up and can be grabbed by the users.

3. Boomerang to Create Funny Videos

Boomerang videos can make a dull and monotonous day an entertaining and enjoyable one. For brand promotion through Instagram videos, Boomerang videos can reveal the fun side of your brand. You can catch the subtle, funny and captivating moments of your company and share it on Instagram stories to delight your followers.

4. Ask a Question

Ask a question feature in Instagram stories have gained tremendous popularity last year. Even in 2019, Individuals and brands are utilizing the ‘Ask a Question’ feature either with funny or reviews related content. You can also incorporate this feature in your Instagram stories to ask for the feedback regarding your product and services from your customers and followers. However, it is also significant to respond to the questions being asked by the customers on this platform to make it an engaging and interesting one.

5. Go Live Feature

The ‘Go Live’ feature, which is recently added into the Instagram stories, is absolutely commendable for the brand promotion. Live videos are 80% appealing and attractive for the followers and most importantly, rather than reading a blog people usually prefer to watch the live videos of the brand. Just ensure that the live videos should be structured on the compelling topics to engage the customers.

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