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Know our Story

The foundation of a strong team is a story that binds them all together

Our Logo

Every logo has its own philosophy, so is ours. So to enjoy, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading the story behind it.

Our name Digital Mazic reflects our ethos of deeply understanding your needs and creating a strategy for your brand that is bound to create a BUZZ! The symbol around “Z” represents vibration, something that creates a buzz like a text message on your phone; it is a metaphor for the way we create a buzz for your brand with creative strategies. The question that arises is, why Z and not G? The answer is simple! The sound of “Z” is also representative of this buzz.

The colours of our logo are cool and subtle i.e. Greenish blue. Blue Depicts depth, trust, sincerity and stability, while Green is a symbol of renewal, energy, freshness and growth. When you will combine all these propositions, you come out with our company. Additionally, we’ll use these superpowers in to create enthusiasm and positivity in your business.

In short, our logo represents the soul of our Organizational being, values and beliefs that guides the manner in which we are going to work. Our logo is our identity and we are going to take it to the top.