Digital Trends

How digital marketing is adding value to business?

No doubt, digital technology in the realm of marketing has grown amazingly in the past few years. One only needs to look around to witness the advances as regard the immersive and interactive website designs, video marketing, and e-commerce. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to understand how digital marketing company in Delhi is adding value to marketing amongst different industry verticals.   Why to go digital The advancement in technology structures customer behavior and brand interaction as planned by digital marketing experts. The mushrooming of the countless digital marketing agency reflects the huge......

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It’s no more economy there is a shift it’s now the “e-commerce economy” globally. The e-commerce wave has completely taken the retail industry by storm of online selling. There’s a rat race and every business is definitely competing. Every business does not only want to jump on the band wagon, but also want to be at the forefront. This crazy trend of online selling has truly justified the increase in the number of customer buying online and simultaneously justified the rise of e-commerce platforms that have hit the market recently. As per......

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